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Sales Funnel Solution Overview

Sales Funnel Solutions

Are you looking to manage your marketing with an in-house employee, or conquer it by yourself?  We can build you a full sales funnel that consists of: Landing Page(s), PPC Campaigns, Email Campaigns, and all ad imagery & copyrighting that you’d need with it.

We understand that some companies like to keep their marketing operations in house, but want the foundation to be built by industry professionals; this is where we come in, we build a full sales funnel that you can manage in house.  Our sales funnel consists of:

  • Landing Page – It is best practice to create a landing page in which all of your traffic will be directed to.  A landing page differs from your main website because it is built with one specific goal in mind: to convert your paid traffic to leads.
  • Social Media & PPC Campaign – Whatever your business goal in mind is, we will analyze your audience and build ads geared towards them.  This includes ad images, content, and different calls to action.
  • Email Campaign – We start by defining and then building your target audience.  You will receive a full 5 step nurturing campaign with tailored copyright for your service/product, as well as the contacts & emails that make up your target audience.
  • Monthly Maintenance – We know you will receive a big ROI on our custom built sales funnel, but we also know that it can continuously get better.  We give you 4 months of monthly maintenance so that we can perfect your campaign, and have you seeing the best ROI possible.

We build custom sales funnels for a wide array of industries, we’ve had success in everything from local chiropractors, to nationwide small business lenders.  Our average turnaround time is 2 weeks, but this is highly dependent on your industry, as we must take an in depth look into your market.

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