The Natural Healing Powers Of Reiki (e-Book 20 Pages)

Download this e-Book to gain a deeper understanding of the natural healing powers of Reiki. Discover the five principles of Reiki and how they can help you tap into the ancient healing energies of the universe to improve your emotional and physical well-being. Learn more about what Reiki is and how it can benefit you by enhancing your body's natural healing abilities.

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To those who have been conditioned to believe that the only way to overcome ill-health and disease is through western or so-called ‘traditional’ medicine, ‘alternative’ therapies might seem too ethereal or even unscientific.

However, more and more research is proving what anecdotal reports have long claimed – that the claims of alternative therapies effectiveness is largely based on fact.

This is not meant in any way to disparage the advances for human health and wellbeing that have been gained by the medical profession generally.

However, more and more within that profession are expanding their beliefs beyond the twin pillars of surgery and pharmacology.

Many traditional doctors recognize the value of particular therapies for specific problems and appreciate that the different therapies can support one another.

One alternative therapy which is highly appreciated by those who have felt its healing effects is Reiki. This report explains what Reiki is, what it does and how it can benefit you.
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