Tarot Reading for Beginners (e-Book)


Acquire this e-Book and unravel the history behind tarot cards, learn about the appropriate cards to use, and explore the significance of your intuition in mastering tarot reading.


When we think of tarot cards we think of the occult, mysticism and divination. Well the truth of the matter is that the original tarot cards were actually used to play games with. The basic rules for playing the tarot games appear in an Italian manuscript of Martiano da Tortona dating back to 1425 with the Italian wealthy classes. It is a fact that the beginnings of the tarot deck started in the 15th century in Italy between 1420 and 1440. There is no substantial evidence linking the tarot at that time to ancient Egypt although certain Egyptian symbols are present on the cards. But, we can to take account the history between Rome and Egypt in deciding how much Egyptian influenced these cards actually contain. This would be based on ones historical perspective even if the jury in some cases are decided that there is no proof of such a relationship.

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