Orgonite Tree Of Life Peridot Pyramid

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Calm • Growth • Energy • Clarity


This stunning Orgonite Tree of Life Peridot Pyramid is believed to promote calmness, growth, energy, and clarity. It's a powerful symbol that can assist in relieving stress, anger, envy, greed, and general irritation while representing rebirth and connection within personal growth.

Orgonite is a great crystal to use for clearing built-up energy and cleansing your aura to promote positive and enlightened states of being. It's also believed to strip away EMF, making it a great tool for energy balancing. Additionally, Orgonite has been associated with promoting:

  • Energy
  • Mental calmness
  • Mood enhancement
  • Clarity in intentions
  • Better sleep

Peridot is known for promoting protection, stability, joy, better rest, and self-confidence. When combined with the power of Orgonite and the Tree of Life, it's believed that you'll find renewed strength to face any challenges that come your way.

Orgone Pyramids infuse crystals and metals into this powerful shape to concentrate the frequency of each stone. By using this sacred geometric form, you’ll harness its symbolic benefits of:

  • Transforming low frequencies into higher vibrations,
  • Balance in your field of energy (aura), and
  • Protection from EMF to improve overall well-being.

Keep an Orgone Pyramid close by to automagically shift energy into your favor.

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Ethically Sourced
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Ethically Sourced
Blessed By Singing Bowl
Packaged With Love
Ethically Sourced
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Activating & Recharging Your Crystals

Whether you're new to the world of crystals or an experienced collector, cleaning and charging your crystals is a vital process to ensure their purity.! To unlock their full potential, it's essential to clean and charge them to rid them of any negative energy that might have accumulated during their journey to you.

To activate your crystals, speak your intention out loud while holding them close to your heart, allowing their energy to merge with yours. You'll find that your crystals will hold onto your intention throughout the day, even if you're not actively thinking about it.

When it comes to recharging your crystals, immerse them in cool or purifying saltwater, or simply leave them in direct sunlight or moonlight. Repeat this process from time to time, especially during challenging moments when you need a boost of positive energy.

May your crystals bring you joy, peace, and spiritual fulfillment!