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Pay Per Click (PPC) Overview

Digital Advertising (PPC)

If you’re looking for an immediate ROI, a PPC campaign is something your business needs.  

SEO is a great long term plan for gaining more business through search engines, but when you want an immediate boost in business PPC is the way to go.

Through PPC ad campaigns, we fuel your website with high-quality traffic and watch the leads pour in.  With over 4 billion searches every day, there are a lot of people looking for solutions to their problems.  Paid search ads will ensure that you get in front of these people when you have a solution to offer them.

Unlike organic traffic, using PPC won’t take months or years to get on the front page of Google.  We can have people reaching your website as soon as your campaign is set up.

Keys to your PPC success:

  • Complete Keyword Research – We ensure that you are appearing in the right keyword searches, only those that are highly relative to the services you are offering. This means you won’t have unqualified traffic running to your site, which would leave you with a higher overall cost.
  • Relavant Ad Creation – Our ad creatives are far beyond a stock image. It starts with defining your ad campaign’s goal, and tailoring an image to resonate with that goal.  From there, we create multiple attention grabbing images, allowing us to test what is working best to get your prospects to stop scrolling, and read our copyright.
  • Analyze, Then Optimize – There is always room for improvement, with everything we do in life. We take an in-depth look at our PPC ad campaigns each week, looking for patterns of success.  We are constantly changing our keywords, content, and imagery until we find the optimal ad…  This means that your campaign is constantly improving, resulting in better leads & more revenue for you.
  • Mini Campaigns – If you want targeting in a specific state, city, or even a neighborhood – we can set up your ads to only run to these individuals.
  • End Of Month Reports – At the end of every month, we send our clients a custom PDF detailing the effectiveness of their ad campaigns. We set aside a ½ hour to have a phone conference with our clients to go over what is working best for them, and put in place a strategy to scale that success.

AuraBloom offers full-service PPC management, as well as PPC ad campaign creations.  So whether you are looking to build a campaign and have it scale indefinitely, or just need help setting up 1 campaigns for your business – we’ve got you covered.

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