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B2B email marketing

B2B Email Marketing

If you are in the B2B space, email marketing still reigns in as the best bang for your buck.  The average ROI our clients see is 12-1; and no, that is not a typo.  

If you have yet to implement email marketing for your business, there is no need to miss out anymore.  We offer tailored email campaigns for businesses of all sizes, from small & local – to large & nationwide.  We generate high quality leads for your business by:

  • Identify & Building Your Target Audience – This is similar to building ppc campaigns, but in this case we have much more info on your contacts and their buying personas.  All of this info is kept in house in our database; as of 2018 our database consists of over 15 million decision makers ranging in all verticals.  We will build an audience that is best suited for your b2b goals, and build a campaign around them.
  • Tailored Email Content – All of our email content is created with the end goal in mind, high quality leads for your business.  Our emails are designed to be engaging, easy to read, and most importantly they are relevant to the audience we are sending to.  This ensures we build your companies brand recognition, instead of deteriorating it with spam mail.
  • 5 Step Nurturing Process – It is shown that the average prospect needs 3-5 touch points before turning into a lead, by using our 5 step nurturing process we ensure that we aren’t leaving any business on the table for our clients.
  • Analyze, Then Optimize – There is always room for improvement, with everything we do in life.  We take an in-depth look at our email campaigns every week, looking for patterns of success.  We are constantly changing our subject lines, email content, calls to action, etc…  This means that your campaign is constantly improving, resulting in better leads & more revenue for you.

While email marketing is the most effective strategy for b2b lead generation, most companies don’t have the ability to take advantage of it due to lack of data.  At AuraBloom, our database consists of 15 million contacts; it is ethically sourced and validated on a bi-weekly basis. It consists of decision makers; with all the information you could think of on each contact.  This ensures a successful email campaign.

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